6 Reasons My Husband and I Probably Won’t Make Your Event, and Why We Don’t Want You to Take it Personal…

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I was trying to figure out which blog this topic should go under, and decided that it fell more so into the “parental/family” category, so here goes!

Over the past weekend, we unfortunately missed at least two pretty important celebrations of life events for some of our closest friends (and Thankfully they are the type of people who understood the reasoning for our absence, and they’re ok…Everybody isn’t though). These were occasions that we were actually invited to, RSVPd for, and expected to attend. Then a little thing called LIFE happened, and our fun-filled weekend was replaced with a killer sinus headache, an exhausted Mommy, a sneezing/stuffy Daddy, trying to get a car battery replaced, a coloring book marathon with my 4-year old, and a massive poop explosion from the 11-month old tyrant! So…in all things typical of a writer, I decided to turn this experience into a special…

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‘I Want to Leave My Marriage’

Whoa! No, I don’t want to leave my marriage at all…


I came across this post (click on link, read & enjoy) on a friend’s respost on facebook and glad that I did. I read this in it’s entirety  and enjoyed it. Mrs. Lindsey speaks volumes about being an obedient wife and fighting for your marriage. This is definitely something hard for “most” to follow and I can will place myself under that “most”. I would encourage everyone to read this, quite impressive and it hits.

I have found myself worrying about his “where-abouts” , no hobbies, and I prayed that my mind wouldn’t wonder so much. Of course, it did end up resulting in infidelity and trust issues that we are trying to work past. It makes it extremely harder to now focus on happiness or a hobby or than the “where-abouts” when there has been “wrong” in the relationship. So where do you go from here? Keep praying? Keep striving? Keep fasting? Progressing? Placing it in God’s hands!

Love & Happiness

‘I Want to Leave My Marriage’.


The touch
The feel
The smell
I crave that
The spell it puts me under

I have an Addiction

When I want it…
my mind shutters
I don’t hear a thing you’re saying
Sick? I am not
For this is good for me

I just have an Addiction

I’ve been confused
and even amused
Cause it hurts so bad
but feels so good

It’s just an Addiction

See, the thing is…
that I wanna do right
I want to be unattached
even tried to keep from going back

But that litte touch
And just the right words
Are my kryptonite

For it is my addiction

I need to be leaving now
but there goes that feening now
Just one more time please
Something to make the day go by

Lets do this again
and again
And again I must say
it’s the drive that keeps me pumped

My mind needs counseling
but my body doesnt want any rescue

For HE is my Addiction!

© blk buttaflie July 2014

Fearful & Wonderful

I am curious
Have you ever wondered about this “after life”
I have
I mean
I’ve read the book
Heard the stories
And seen the people “go”
but I still wonder
“Wouldn’t you want to be apart of something glorious”
They say
“Of course”
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I want to sing the songs of joy
I want to see new and old faces
I am ready for the glory day
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made
He made me a promise
Elated…I am
Because he made fearful and wonderfully
My praises rises
His blessing cover me
I accept him
My saviour
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made

© blk buttaflie July 2014

The Family Portrait

You see this portrait?
Perfect family pic, right?
Look carefully,
Stare in that woman’s eyes
Do you see a shade of frown in her smile
or the despair in her eyes?
Would you even have the slightest clue
as to who her heart belongs to?
Her husband?
I am afraid not…
She’s in love with another man

Now knowing that…
Do you notice the baffled look on the mister’s face?
He’s clueless; you see
He never knew that his silence led his spouse to another
For the words he never spoken…
“You’re beautiful”
“your smile brightens my day”
The words from the other man

“‘Til death do us part” is a promise
and is not the only thing that keeps the wife staying
For the love for her husband has not faded
And her child’s heart…
she refuses to break
You see he’s use to this “Picture Perfect” family that this portrait portrays

So the wife sucks it up and has it framed…
The Family Portrait!


Poem Copyright Protected and Written 2014


I wish I could fly
I wanna go above and beyond today’s choaticness   and to only return
At times
I question my ability
Am I able to soar higher than I actually believe?
I hate that I doubt myself
Most of the time
I am dreaming big and planning success
Love, stability, and all those extravagant things
I’m not always patient
Most of the time
At times I wish that most of the time that I can do my sometimes, all of the time



Poem Copyright Protected and Written 2014


Never tie your string so tightly
for you may never get loose
Never love so quickly
for the spell relies on you
Don’t jump into that ring
for you may never want to commit
Never go for the phony
keep your shhh legit
Don’t ever loose your pride
for that’s your only friend
Never tell your secrets
for they will be told over & over again
Listen! Class is in session
is today’s lesson



Poem Copyright Protected and Written 2014

The Power of the Tongue.

The tongue, like a sharp knife…Kills without drawing blood – unknown

I don’t wanna believe it
Of course you didn’t mean it
You were just caught in the moment
You didn’t think those words were coming…
They came out like a knife
Ripped me right to the core
Of course I turned so you didn’t see tears
My heart is so sore…
I never imagined to hear the abuse
I never imagined it would have came from you
The love of my life
& his unintentional misuse.

Poem Copyright Protected & Written 2014


What a great friend you are
Listening to my problems & accepting all of my flaws
Keeping my secrets & my “tell alls”
Looking into you,
I am satisfied
Thanks for being no one else but mines
With you I have no fear, no shame, only pride
Thanks to you my frowns are now smiles
Staring into you I can tell you care
All my fears and emotions I can now bare
because you have been one useful…

To the anyone that’s been bullied or teased cause they felt unpretty. Have you checked yourself out in the mirror? What has the mirror said lately. Did it say that you were too fat? Too skinny? Too dark? I don’t think so. When you look into your mirror, see what a beauty statue you are looking at. Embrace those curves. I encourage you to say something good about yourself every time you look in the mirror. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, thanks for accepting me flaws and all” 🙂


Poem Copyright Protected & written 2005